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The Confession of Sister MarySue and Brother Gary Stu
Forgive me Father..for I have sinned this is my second confession:… 
13th-Mar-2009 05:40 pm
anju maaka icon chibi vampire
Forgive me Father..for I have sinned this is my second confession:
Story Or Series Title: Fighting Blind
Fandom: Original
Culprit Author's Name: JadeHeartOfFire aka me...

Full Name (plus titles if any): Princess Meera
Full Species(es): human
Hair Color (include adjectives): light blonde, pinned to the sides of her head in two buns
Eye Color (include adjectives): pale milky green
Unusual Markings/Colorations: none
Special Possessions (if any): none

Annoying Origin: She's a princess from a kingdom known for their psychics. She's blind, so her father doesn't take her seriously.... <.<
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: There's none to connect to. But she has two friends that she meets, one of which is hopelessly in love with her.
Annoying Special Abilities: She makes up for her blindness by probing people's minds....
Other Annoying Traits: The fact that she comes down with RPS(rebellious princess syndrome) and runs away in hopes of stopping a war.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story, placing it behind an LJ cut.: Can't. Once again, I deleted it...

Excuses?: This was my first real story ever, back when I was ten... *sighs at suckish excuse*
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