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The Confession of Sister MarySue and Brother Gary Stu
Forgive me Father..for I have sinned this is my (second)… 
14th-Jun-2009 09:02 pm
Bunneh Luvs You

Forgive me Father..for I have sinned this is my (second) confession:
Story Or Series Title: It was in RPs, so, none.
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Culprit Author's Name: Author here

Full Name (plus titles if any): Leyowen [yep, no last name]
Full Species(es): LOTR Elvin Sue
Hair Color (include adjectives): White
Eye Color (include adjectives): Violet
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None, but her right eye sometimes turned RED! Because she watched her daddy die and she got raped when she were a young girl, so for some magical reason beyond Tolken verse far into the deepest depths of deepness that is the mary-sue takes over tolkien verse her eye can turn red for some...reason.
Special Possessions (if any): All her weapons are pure silver [yeah, that bow must be hecka heavy!] but of course she weilds them with perfection and grace.  She always wears a pendant from her dad.

Annoying Origin: Some magical elvin place that doesn't exist because I have no idea where she is from
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:  She knew Legolas and Aragorn in childhood [how? i dunno] when she see's Legolas at the council for the ring it's OMG LOVE AT FIRST SIIIIGHT! How romantic, falling in love when the fate of the world is at hand. 
Annoying Special Abilities: Her epic weapon skill [with weapons of silver], some magical stuff, everyone thinks she is beayutiful! 
Other Annoying Traits: She is [of course] part of the fellowship [what? you didn't see her? she was always there, she is just magic like that] she journeys with them in her beautimous silver colored tunic, always has her fancy pants tiara thingamagig on, and of course at night or at times when they aren't fighting or traveling, she has a beayutimous nightgown [that looks way too uncomfortable to sleep in] that's silver and gorgeous and stuff, and she walks around with a radiant glow and is amazing and everything.  She looks like an "angel" at night.  She is super duper sweet, determined, sexy, perfect...and...freaking....everything.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story, placing it behind an LJ cut.: Old incredibly stupid RP...gone now...I hope

There are no excuses for idiocy
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