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The Confession of Sister MarySue and Brother Gary Stu
The Worst Sue That I Have Ever Created 
10th-Jan-2009 04:33 am

Forgive me Father..for I have sinned this is my first confession
Story Or Series Title: Accidentally in Love
Fandom: Heroes
Culprit Author's Name: animefan15

Full Name (plus titles if any): Completely up to the reader.
Full Species(es): human
Hair Color (include adjectives): Completely up to the reader
Eye Color (include adjectives): Completely up to the reader
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Completely up to the reader
Special Possessions (if any): none

Annoying Origin: The result of fangirling over Mohinder and an attraction to Sylar.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Was close friends with Charlie Evans and still retained contact through her cell phone.  When she moved to New York, she became friends with Gabriel Gray and slowly gained feelings for him.  Due to low self-esteem, Gabriel didn't have the courage to ask her out, until he became Sylar.  Sylar was able to control the hunger around her, because there was still a small part of Gabriel in him that knew that, if he killed her, he would never see her again.  She became suspicious of Sylar and discovered him trying to kill Molly Walker.  She held him off long enough for the police to get here and for Molly to escape and immediately dumped him.  Also shared a father/daughter relationship with Chandra Suresh, before his death.  After the break up, she called the police and gave them the name of the serial killer.  Then she drowned her sorrows in alcohol and had to live in the dorms for a brief amount of time.  Met Mohinder when he was posing as her psychiatrist and assisted him in his father's research.  She constantly argues with Mohinder, and the two develop feelings for each other that results in will they or won't they tension, and moves back in with her best friend.  Then she gets a call from Sylar about his fears, and tells her that he found a painting that will make her doubt her relationship with Mohinder.  The character goes to Vegas with her best friend in order to see this painting and gains access to Linderman's office with the help of Nathan Petrelli (Nathan was doing this to repay Mohinder).  In the future, her best friend dies in the explosion, she is forced to marry Sylar and works with Hiro to overthrow him.  After hearing that Sylar plans to commit genocide, she tells Mohinder to go to Isaac's loft.  She secretly meets Mohinder and asks him to inject her with the serum.  At first, Mohinder refuses, then he slowly realizes that he has no choice.  Also witnessed her friend getting molested when she was little and ran out of the house.  It was the moment she truly discovered her abilities, but was discovered by Noah Bennet and the Haitian, so her memory of the event was erased.  It's possible that this may have screwed her up for life.  Also shares a friendship with Matt and a brief acquaintanceship with Niki and shares a type of family bond with Molly.
Annoying Special Abilities: Ability to walk through walls.
Other Annoying Traits: Found out about Sylar killing people and dumped him, but did nothing to stop it.  In the future, she worked with Hiro Nakamura to overthrow him, but did not bother informing him that Nathan was really Sylar.  She completely warped Sylar OOC.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story, placing it behind an LJ cut.:

Dr. Suresh: "You mean, Sylar."
You: "Don't tell me he's got you to go along with this stupid charade, as well."
Dr. Suresh: "Now that Sylar finally has what he wants, he feels it would be appropriate to change his identity."
You: "I know, I just wish he didn't."
After a few moments of silence, you decided to speak.
You: "You wanna hear something really stupid?"
Dr. Suresh: "What?"
You: "I used to fear that he would get so desperate to be special, that he'd do something incredibly reckless."
Dr. Suresh: "What reckless actions did you fear he would take?"
You: "I don't know, joining the army, commiting a burglary. I always tried to convince him that there's nothing wrong with being a watchmaker. I stopped having that fear ever since he gained his ability. All I've ever wanted was for him to be happy, and, if this is what makes him happy, who am I to protest?"
Dr. Suresh: "I notice that you didn't say, 'when he became special.'"
You: "That's because he'll always be special to me, ability or no ability."
Dr. Suresh: "You remind me of Shanti."
You: "Who's Shanti?"
Dr. Suresh: "My daughter. She also had an ability."
You: "What do you mean, 'had an ability?'"
Dr. Suresh: "She died from a virus when she was 5."
You: "Oh, I'm sorry."
Dr. Suresh: "You weren't responsible."
You: "By the way, the friend that's coming here isn't Sylar."
Sylar's POV
I was about to enter Dr. Suresh's apartment, until I heard them talking about me. So, I was always special to (Y/N), even before I gained this ability. It was ironic that the very words I wished my mother would say to me were spoken by the woman I love. I had no regrets about killing Brian Davis, or any murders I would commit in the future. All I knew is that (Y/N) would never be one of them.

Excuses?: I have no excuses for creating this, or any other Sues that I have created on quizilla.  I am human, and I will make mistakes.  The important thing is to learn from them and I believe that I have done so.  I hope that by confessing the worst of my sues I will be forgiven for any other Sue that I have created, and know that I will never create such monstrosities ever again.
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