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The Confession of Sister MarySue and Brother Gary Stu
...bringing this community back 
25th-Jul-2008 08:53 pm
Bunneh Luvs You
wanted to join the community awhile ago, hope it comes back.

Forgive me Father..for I have sinned this is my FIRST confession
Story Or Series Title: No story, just RP with my friends in school
Fandom: Yugioh...
Culprit Author's Name: It was ME! I AM SO SORRY!

Full Name (plus titles if any): Mirage Heiosel, "blind angel"
Full Species(es): Some sort of horribly mutilated monster, oh, she is also part Japanese part Egyptian
Hair Color (include adjectives): White, long
Eye Color (include adjectives): One is "amethyst", the other is red cuz it is SCARED from her UBER sad secret past 
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Um...naturally pure white hair like OMG! BAKURA OBBSESSED! Weird eyes, and unatturally pale skin, scar over her right eye that, of course, does not detract from her appearance
Special Possessions (if any): Big boobs? Haha jk, she had OMG SPESHUL SECRET MILLENIUM ITEMS! and guess what SHE HAD FOUR OF THEM! WITH EVIL SPIRITS IN ALL OF THEM! OMg! BAKURA SUE! And with each transformation her features turned more gruesom and evil, but she was till OMG! HOTNESS!

Annoying Origin: Hell...wait, not even hell would host this beast! My god, what had been going on in my mind back then!
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She is friends with Yugi and the gang, and had OMG LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with Bakura on her first day at school when she moved in.  She also out-witted Kaiba on the first day by giving him a shit talking that left him bewildered, ummm, oh oh, she makes into Kaiba's duelist kingdom [i think thats what it was], somehow and she takes care of Bakura when he is all passed outness....um...probably screwed both Bakura and Malik too!
Annoying Special Abilities: Never loses, unless by something of EPIC TRAGEDY! Kicks butt, smart mouth, always looks perfect.  She is also OMG FAMOUS musician [hence the blind angel] who sings, plays piano, guitar, etc etc etc and everyone thinks she is a babe
Other Annoying Traits: The fact that she is in perfect shape and stuff even though she had little to no food as a child, lived a horrible life, is uber rich, and so much more ;)

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story, placing it behind an LJ cut.: no story thank god


There can be no excuse for this sort of monstrousity, I don't even know how I managed to save her, she is a real person and much more believable now, but probably was my WORST creation!
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