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The Confession of Sister MarySue and Brother Gary Stu
I know this comm is kind of dead, but I still kind of like this fic.… 
25th-Apr-2007 10:22 pm
I know this comm is kind of dead, but I still kind of like this fic. It's a Neopets Gary Stu from 2002.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. This is my first and only confession
Story Or Series Title: I never did decide on one I liked. "The Adventures of a Special Lupe"?
Fandom: Neopets
Culprit Author's Name: I was Cobrall Master back then.

Full Name (plus titles if any): James_Potter87
Full Species(es): "Hi, I'm a male White Lupe". That's the extent of his description.
Hair Color (include adjectives): White.
Eye Color (include adjectives): Not mentioned. Black, probably.
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None.
Special Possessions (if any): A Krawk for a Petpet, after Krawks became super rare. I guess he just really liked Krawks.

Annoying Origin: He was just created normally. Except special.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Canon... Characters...? He does have an Aisha sister who disappeared thirteen years ago, but she's not canon either. I wrote it before Meridell was introduced, by the way.
Annoying Special Abilities: He's special in some way. I never figured out how, but the evil guys want him to complete their evil plot of... evilness. I think he was some kind of reincarnation. He does, however have the ability to make friends with other characters straight away.
Other Annoying Traits: His owner keeps moving around mysteriously.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story, placing it behind an LJ cut.:

Lupe's just been invited to a mysterious guild of mystery by a Graal named Gimli here. Graal's working for the bad guys, but Lupe doesn't know that yet.
I approached it and saw that all the other types of Neopets appeared to have been invited. There was even a Krawk. He was coloured Halloween. I looked around. I am kind of shy so I didn't introduce myself to anyone. Actually, I didn't need to. A friendly looking Gelert went up to me and introduced herself as Qantas_Perth but to call her Qan.
"Hi, Qan," I said. "I'm James_Potter87. Call me James. What's a Qantas Perth?"
"I have no idea. My owner found an areo-pilane ticket in his pocket. What's a James Potter?"
"It's a character from some book my owner is crazy about. I'm not exactly sure what an aero-pilane is either," I added.
"I think it's a big machine that flies people places," she replied. Just then Gimli came running up.
"Hi!" said Qan.
I echoed her. Gimli smiled and said that he just wanted to get to know me and find out where I came from. I told him that I came from Neopia Central, but I'd lived in all the popular cities.
"Wow," said Gimli. Then to Qan he said "I guess your owner finally decided to paint you Gold."
Qan blushed and said "You could say that." Because her owner is EVOL and ABUSIVE!1!!! And also uses her to get Neopoints by making her play games all the time. Yeah. So she painted herself.
I wondered what she was talking about.
"Well, bye," Gimli said. "I have to go and make some announcements."
He rushed off. I was going to ask Qan about her statement, but Gimli had started his speech.
"Hello and welcome to this guild because, well, I know you all, but you don't know each other. I have entered all the important events in the calender. Since not all of you know each other, TickTockDog the spotted Lenny has made these na- I mean these identification cards. This isn't a sign of evil, he just didn't want to say "name tags". I don't know why either. They are on the table over there."
He indicated a table with a row of cards on them.
"I'm glad you all decided to come. That was very nice of you. Our villian. I think you may have a good time. Thank you,"
I didn't applaud due to the fact that I can't really clap while standing. Aren't a lot of Neopets quadrupeds?
All the pets rushed over to the table with the cards on it. I waited for there to be a gap around the small table. I noticed that there was a tyrannian Poogle standing at the back, looking lonely.
"Hey Qan. Who's that?" I asked.
"I don't know," she replied. "I don't go to your school."
"Well I'm going to introduce myself to him," I replied.
So I walked up to him and said "Hi, I'm James_Potter87, who are you?"
The Poogle looked up. "Oh I'm, um, Minorkey486. Can you call me Minor? What should I call you?" he answered quietly.
"You can call me James," I said, wondering how it was possible to be so shy.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong?" said Minor, like he'd been asked a thousand times before. Poogle was kind of my self-insertion. More so than Lupe, really. I had that exchange with a lot of people in high school. I decided not to press him.
"So... Do you want to walk around with Qan and I?" I inquired. Qan and me.
"She's that gold Gelert over there."
"Oh, all right," said Minor, sounding gratified.
So we got our cards, which were decorated very carefully.

Also in the story: Gangs of evil Lupes who smoke asparagus extract, a Skeith and a Chia who are best friends, Neothium: The official element of Neopets, and a gratuitous author-and-her-Neopets insertion.

Excuses?: I was thirteen? Also, at least I only made him a little special, and not ultra-super-uber special like some Sues. I kind of feel like rewriting it as an original story, actually.
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